Ceramiche Acquatonda, a 40 year-long story…

We have been in this business since 1973, namely the production of semi-finished products, also referred to as “raw pottery”. Spurred on by a passion for ceramics, Ceramiche Acquatonda has extended its product range over the years, and now offers much more than mere plates and kitchenware, but also interior furnishings and ornaments.

The raw material used for our moulds is clay. Once it has been prepared and formed into discs or rectangular shapes, it is shaped with the aid of presses or potter’s wheels and then hand-finished and baked. Our painstaking care for details and the diversification of our products has enabled us to expand nationally and across Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria, France and Slovenia, where we have met our customers’ expectations fully for a number of years.


Ceramiche Cibas: supplies paintbrushes, paints, earth, kilns, glazes for Raku ware, etc.

Ceramiche Stellelima: specialists in lamps and coffee tables made of Ceramic.

Ceramic, Porcelain and Artistic Glass District of the Veneto region

Ceramic production in this district boasts a long-standing tradition. Two different souls stand out in the District: the one tied to Artistic Ceramics on the one hand, and on the other, yet just as important, the production of Porcelain and Artistic Glass.

The production of housewares and ornamental ceramics has developed along various branches over the years: from common, yet rich, household products to products of the utmost elegance. In parallel with the reproduction of old models, there is a rising stylistic trend in accessories, ornaments and trinkets. logo_ceramica_artistica_nove_bassanoParallelamente alla riproduzione di antichi modelli, esiste un nuovo trend stilistico negli accessori, nei soprammobili e negli ornamenti.

source: www.ceramics.it